ADHD and Natural Medicine – Why This Could Be the Best Choice You Have Ever Made

Have you read about the whole question of ADHD and natural medicine? Natural medicine is NOT regarded as complementary in the US whereas in the UK, it fits in more comfortably with conventional medicine and there are often medical surgeries which will embrace a whole range of treatments. In that way they can decide what is more suitable and indeed more effective. In this article I want to point out what are the advantages of ADHD and natural medicine so that you are better informed before making any decision about how to treat your child.

Why are psychostimulants the first choice for many doctors? There may be a conviction that it is actually safe and right or there may be a cavalier attitude to this mental disorder which does not take into account the fact that the whole child has to be treated and that pills cannot teach skills. Look at how ADHD is diagnosed in many doctor’s offices.

First, as regards over diagnosis, it is clear that there are far too many hasty decisions being taken and that ADHD, to be properly diagnosed, several visits are needed. How many parents have you seen coming out of a paediatrician’s office with a prescription for an amphetamine like drug in their hands, after only ONE visit?

Why ADHD and natural medicine is a perfectly valid alternative.

There are such powerful lobbies to-day that the acceptance of ADHD and natural medicine is an uphill task to say the least! But let us have a look at what it has to offer.

Natural medicine for ADHD usually means homeopathy but we could widen that definition so that it embraces a whole range of things from diet, exercise, green time, meditation, equine therapy and counselling.

I want to concentrate a little bit on homeopathy as that has been scorned by many people, unjustly, I feel. In the end,each parent has to decide what is right for his or her child.

Natural medicine for ADHD and homeopathy have been criticized because people point to the fact that clinical trials are inconclusive. But certain facts about this type of treatment cannot be denied.

The first is that there are no side effects which is certainly not the case with psychostimulants where some children may not eat or sleep properly. There are also no long term risks to health and there are no risk for cardiopatic patients or people with certain psychiatric conditions. Finally, these treatments are much more reasonably priced and best of all, there is no risk at all of addiction.

Now that you know some basic facts about ADHD and natural medicine, why not click through and discover more?

Discover Natural Medicine For Depression – For Symptom Relief Without Side Effects

Interest in natural medicine for depression is rising, not in small part due to the side effects that can accompany the commonly prescribed depression medications. Recently, the Food and Drug Administration asked makers of antidepressant medications to add a warning particularly for young adults in the 18 to 24 age range to their labels.

The FDA advises that patients of all ages suffering from depression should be monitored when starting on antidepressants. It is recommended that this monitoring should target suicidal thoughts or behaviors, worsening symptoms and unusual changes in behavior.

Some of the other uncomfortable side effects of depression medication can include headache, nausea, excessive sweating, weight gain, fatigue, anxiety, and sexual dysfunction.

Low Serotonin Levels Connected to Depression

Serotonin is a brain chemical that helps to regulate moods and is essentially responsible for positive feelings like happiness, contentment, and peace. Current brain research suggests that low serotonin levels in the brain can be a factor in depression.

Some of the most popular prescription anti-depressants (Zoloft, for example) include selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI). SSRI drugs aim to correct the serotonin level in the brain by blocking its ability to deplete serotonin.

Natural Herbs for Depression

Natural treatment for depression can effectively avoid the side effect issue and may include such strategies as counseling, nutritional support and herbal remedies. The side effects accompanying those natural treatments are few, if experienced at all.

Rather than attempting to block the depletion of serotonin in the brain, as in the case of SSRI antidepressants, natural remedies encourage the production of serotonin and normal brain function, which in turn helps stabilize emotions, reduce stress and encourage feelings of well-being.

St. John’s wort is a natural alternative to SSRI prescription medications and has been used successfully for centuries as a natural depression medication. In clinical studies of St. John’s wort, volunteers experienced a significant reduction in side effects compared to when taking SSRI and tricyclic anti-depressants.

Choose Quality Natural Medicine for Depression for Best Results

The quality of herbal and natural remedies can vary widely from company to company. With herbs, the type of processing and manufacturing used has a direct impact on the effectiveness of the end product. Some companies use harsh processing methods that can disable a good portion of the herb’s therapeutic compounds and it’s natural ability to protect against side effects.

There are a few companies that produce their products in their own lab and manufacturing facility which gives them much more control over every aspect of production. This is the type of “professional quality” product that will give you the best results.

Choosing the highest quality products will increase your chance of finding relief from the symptoms of depression while also avoiding the side effects associated with prescription medications.

Best Natural Acne Treatments – Try These and Watch the Results!

When it comes to using natural acne treatments, it is important to figure out which of these treatments are actually effective and those that are perhaps old wives tales! Long before the advance of medicine, people had no choice about to use natural remedies and most of the time these were very effective.

Nowadays of course we are fortunate to have the benefits of twenty first century medicine which can be very helpful in eliminating many ailments and diseases. However, something has to be said for natural treatments, as they are free of the various chemicals that make up modern medicine which can prove harmful.

So, what are the best natural acne treatments? Well, I suppose that it often comes down to personal opinion, what worked well for one person, may not work for others. The good news though is that you can experiment with these natural acne treatments as they wont really produce any harmful side effects.

Here are some of the best natural acne treatments

  • Water. I don’t think many will argue with this one, and yet it is surprising how many people don’t realize the beneficial effects of drinking a lot of water each day. You should drink several glasses of water each day without fail. The effect of this is that the body naturally flushes out harmful toxins which results in an internal cleansing. This cleansing can also be enhanced by boiling Fengugreek leaves and corn and then adding them into the water.
  • Citric fruit juices. The real benefit of these juices is that they act as a natural exfoliate, removing any dead skin cells that may be clogging the pores. Although you can drink these juices, the idea here is that you apply some to the infected area with a clean soft cloth and let it dry for about 10 minutes before rinsing it off.
  • Coconut oil. This has to be one of the best natural acne treatments you can get and it is very inexpensive. The reason that coconut oil is very effective is because it really penetrates deeply into the pores making it really easy for the clogged sebum to come out. You should notice a big improvement in a few days as the oil draws the toxins out.
  • Hot/cold compress. This is highly recommend to reduce clogged pores as hot and cold wet compresses will reduce the swelling of the pores and eliminate them altogether. Just make sure that the towels are clean and soft.